July 5, 2020

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New Air Filter - Bellflower

Here on Orozco’s Tires 101 Blog, we’ve covered several common car problems. This week, we’re going to tell you about your engine’s air filter.

Any gasoline or diesel engine needs air to operate. Without oxygen, fuel will not ignite and create the explosive force necessary to get your engine moving. However, not just any air will work. The air must be clean before getting sucked into your engine. Imagine driving through a sandstorm or rainstorm and getting all of that water or dust get sucked into your intake. Not only will your fuel have problems igniting, but there will almost certainly be damage to your engine’s internals. Dust, dirt, and debris can quickly pollute an engine and shorten its lifespan. Foreign particles act as abrasives to the metal parts inside of an engine, causing wear to your cylinders, piston rings, gaskets, and anything else they get blasted against. Modern engines are also programmed to run most smoothly on a precise ratio of oxygen to fuel, and not all air contains the same amount of oxygen.

Fortunately, we have air filters which are designed to allow just the right amount of oxygen into our vehicle’s intake while simultaneously filtering out the harmful dust and debris which would damage our engine. But even the best air filters, being driven through dirty air every day, will only last so long.

So how do you, the vehicle owner, know when you need to change your air filter?

As with many car parts, that depends on how hard the car is driven, how often, and under what conditions. If you live somewhere with a lot of pollution or dust, such as in a big city near construction sites, then you will need to replace your air filter more often. However, if you live somewhere where the air is clean and only drive occasionally, then you won’t need to replace your air filter nearly as often.

Some mechanics recommend that you change your air filter every time you change your oil, while others say that that’s way too often. As with most car parts, your owner’s manual should have a suggested maintenance schedule. However, if you live somewhere with lots of pollution, you may need to change it more frequently. Although you more than likely will not need to change it as often, it is still smart to at least get your air filter inspected every time you change your oil, and changed if necessary.

If you neglect changing your air filter for too long, you may see a noticeable decrease in fuel economy, performance, and possible damage to other components such as your spark plugs from the dirty air entering your combustion chamber.

Here at Orozco’s Tires & Wheels in Long Beach, we can take care of any of your air filter problems and keep your car running efficiently and performing to the best of its abilities. If you think that you may be having problems with your car’s air filter, call Orozco’s Tires & Wheels today at (844)-676-9267. Our team of state certified, professionally trained mechanics can fix any of your oxygen sensor problems guaranteed!


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